Our Family Farm

Rusty Gate Tree Farm started in 1985 when my father planted the first trees on the farm. We slowly converted barley fields back into trees to the dismay of the old-timers that cleared the land. We specialize in supplying north Idaho with beautiful conifers for Christmas and landscape trees.

Check out the farm's website for more info on our trees: www.rustygatetreefarm.com

We’ve been challenged over the years to have enough trees for people to choose and cut.  Deer ate many trees, and drought killed thousands of seedlings and full-size Christmas trees.  We fenced two fields and added drip irrigation using solar pumps to get water from our two farm ponds.  We’re planting cover crops to protect our soils and are considering Shropshire sheep for vegetation management. We’re currently expanding our space to grow more Christmas trees by logging a Ponderosa pine field that John planted in 1985. 

Large Christmas Wreath

Rusty Gate Essentials was born out of our goal to be more sustainable. We harvest material from our yearly hand-pruning and distill it into pure essential oil that is unmistakably clean, fresh, and fragrant. 

We produce our oils in a 200L pure copper column still that was handcrafted in Portugal by Copper Brothers. Each batch of oil requires approximately 100lbs of tree needles and small branches. Depending on the species, each batch produces 100-250ml of oil. That is 2-5lbs of material per bottle! We always do single species batches to ensure 100% pure oil is produced and you get the best smelling product that is perfect in soaps, candles, and diffusers.

We are grateful for our customers and proud that you get some of the most beautiful, fresh Christmas trees in northern Idaho!